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Run Your Business on One Software Platform. Tigerpaw One is our newest offering that includes EVERYTHING we make that you find elsewhere on our website. That’s every core module, Tigerpaw Mobile, and every add-on – all bundled together into an affordable software subscription that beautifully scales with your business.

Why is this so important? Think about how much time your company wastes when employees in every department store customer information in difference places? Even staffers in the same department can’t find the documents that others have worked on . . . and it gets exponentially worse when sales can’t see what the open service tickets are for their customers, and support can’t tell if a customer has paid their bills, and finance can’t see if a project is complete.

Tigerpaw One fixes all that! With Tigerpaw One, everything important related to your customers and your business is in one place. The owners of businesses who run Tigerpaw live by this mantra: If it isn’t in Tigerpaw, it didn’t happen. Think about how efficient your company would run if every task for every employee had all their tasks and to-do right in front of them all the time. All time is easily recorded and updated in real-time. All customer contracts, service tickets, notes, email-exchanges, and bills were accessible by anyone in the company who you’ve given permission to see. Every detail about every piece of inventory that you pass through your company  … at your fingertips . . . whether at your clients, sitting in your office, on the road in your vans, or in transit from the distributor. And that’s just the beginning. Look around your office. All those files – – print and electronic – scattered everywhere. Imagine what life will be like when it’s not only all in one place – it’s all impeccably organized so anyone who needs access, and has permission, can easily find it.

One Software – Many Uses! Your marketing people use it to generate lead with our sophisticated marketing automation engine. Your sales people use it to create and track their own individual pipeline, while your sales manager monitors it all through an array of reports and dashboards. Your customer service team uses it to make it easier for your customers to request help, and be more efficient for them to deliver it. Your implementation and project teams use it to coordinate complex installations, with dynamically-connected tasks, milestones and resources that ensures your project manager is on top of everything. Your purchasing manager uses it to easily check internal stocking levels and quickly obtain real-time pricing and inventory information directly from your distributors. Your finance department uses it to automatically generate invoices for both service work and projects, based on specific contract terms and work completed.

And, more important, YOU use it to make the smartest business decisions possible because our reports will tell you where you are killing it with profits, and where you are leaking cashwho’s over-achieving at their jobs, and who is slacking off;  which clients need tender loving care, and which ones you’d be better off without.

We invite you to compare TigerPaw One to any other PSA We know there are other Professional Service Automation (PSA) tools out there. Maybe you are using one now, or have used one in the past. You will find some free or inexpensive options out there. They tend to be much more “lightweight” than Tigerpaw One, and if that’s all you need that’s what you should use. But the minute you find yourself “supplementing” your PSA with other “point solution” software to compensate for what is missing, or just “half-baked”, that’s a sure sign you’ve out-grown your software.

We also know there are some other well-respected PSAs that pack much of the same power, depth and breadth as Tigerpaw One. But many of them make their money by “sucking you in” with a low-price offering that only includes “some” of their product. And the more features you add, the more you pay. Not so with Tigerpaw One. The monthly price we quote per user, is the price you pay to get EVERYTHING we make.  Take a look at the chart below, and then contact our sales team or call us for your private demo.

Core PSA ModulesCRM, Help Desk, Projects, Time Tracking, Billing, Purchasing, QuotingIncluded
Local HostingYou are in control of your latency. Your hardware. Your security.Included
Customer PortalOptimized for improved client service and communications.Included
Email ConnectorTurn emails into service tickets, and automate your communications. Included
Exchange IntegratorBi-directional automatic sync of your Exchange and Tigerpaw contacts and calendars.Included
Employee PortalKeep everyone on the same page at the same time with the same info.Included
API / IntegrationsAllows Tigerpaw One to be the one place you access data for all key applications.Included
Business IntelligenceReal-time reports that are state-of-the-art. Make smarter biz decisions.Included
Tigerpaw TrainingA fully customized and automated way to train, AND TEST, your employees!Included
MobileAn “On-The-Go” Field Sales and Service Management SolutionIncluded