PCI Compliance Requirements

If you accept payments in the form of credit cards or electronic checks, you are subject to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, designed to protect cardholder data throughout the transaction process. Storing encrypted credit card and bank account numbers in your database is no longer permissible.

If your Tigerpaw database contains any credit card or bank account numbers, you are “in scope” for PCI compliance BUT YOU ARE NOT COMPLIANT, which could leave you legally vulnerable in the event your database is compromised.

Freedom from compliance issues is just one of the benefits of Tigerpaw’s payment processing feature, which employs third-party payment processors to store credit card and bank account numbers in PCI-compliant vaults rather than your database. Now the processor is “in scope” for securing the cardholder data BUT YOU ARE OUT OF SCOPE and do not need to worry about being compliant.

Why Activate Tigerpaw Payment Processing?

Combining Tigerpaw’s automated invoicing feature with automated payment processing gives you totally touch-free billing for recurring invoices on contracts and agreements. Auto payments reduce your collections time to zero while increasing the amounts collected. Plus, you can manually process payments in Tigerpaw desktop and accept payments through your Customer Web Portal.

Effective with version 17 R1, credit card and bank account number fields no longer exist in the Tigerpaw database. If you want to continue  accepting credit card and electronic check payments, you must utilize one of Tigerpaw’s third-party payment processors.

How do I Migrate Credit Card/Bank Numbers to a Payment Processor?

Below is a high level process flow for setting up this feature:

  1. Payment processing has been available since version 14 R1. If your database is older than 14 R1, upgrade to 16 R1, which is the last version to: a) store credit card/bank numbers, and b) include the ACH/Credit Card Migration Wizard for moving these numbers to the processor’s vault.
  2. Establish a merchant account with BNG Holdings or Vantiv Integrated Payments (previously Mercury), Tigerpaw’s payment processors.
  3. Complete Tigerpaw setup for payment processing.
  4. Run the ACH/Credit Card Migration Wizard to move credit card and bank account numbers to the processor’s vault, save the returned tokens and delete all credit card and bank numbers from your database.
  5. Process a charge for $0.01 to test the interface.
  6. Set new and existing contracts/agreements to automate invoicing and payment processing.

Click one of these links for detailed setup instructions. Contact your Tigerpaw account manager if you have any questions.

Set Up Payment Processing with BNG

Set Up Payment Processing with Vantiv/Mercury