Tigerpaw Software Releases Version 13 and Tigerpaw Mobile 2.0


Feature Time Saving Enhancements to Contracts and the Mobile Work Order Process

Tigerpaw Software Inc. announced today the launch of their latest product release, Tigerpaw Business Suite 13 as well as an update to their mobile platform, Tigerpaw Mobile 2.0. These releases offer enhancements to functionality including service orders, time logs and contracts.   “We are constantly listening to our customers and adapting Tigerpaw to best meet their business needs,” said James Foxall, Tigerpaw President and CEO. “With Tigerpaw 13 and Tigerpaw Mobile 2.0, we really focused on creating efficiencies and time savings for our customers. Whether through automated billing and payment processing for recurring contracts, or by enabling techs to accomplish more in the field on multiple devices, we’ve created more ways for customers to experience significant cost savings and increased productivity.”

Automated Billing Using Contracts in Tigerpaw Business Suite 13

With Tigerpaw Business Suite 13, users can now have their recurring contract invoices automatically created and emailed, and Tigerpaw can process the payment via credit card or electronic payment. While this feature has been in place for Managed Services agreements, it’s now available for all of Tigerpaw’s other contract types such as units, meter clicks, and hourly contracts. Automated invoicing and payment processing saves users hours of administrative work, ensures accurate billing for contracts and significantly reduces collection time.

A More Intuitive User Experience with Tigerpaw Mobile 2.0

New features and functionality available in Tigerpaw Mobile 2.0 include:

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  • Time and Work Performed Prompts: Users are now prompted to select a time entry reason and to enter the work performed when they stop a work on a time log.
  • Multiple Time Logs for a Ticket: Users can stop or cancel the work timer without having to complete a service order, which allows them to create multiple work time logs for a ticket.
  • Alternate Dates and Times: Tigerpaw Mobile offers users the option of alternate date and time formats.
  • Standard Settings Save Time: Service orders created in Tigerpaw Mobile now include standard default settings such as technician, bill-to, ship-to and A/R customer number, so technicians don’t have to re-enter this data while in the field.


Tigerpaw Business Suite 13 is available now to all Tigerpaw Customer Assurance (TCA) customers and Tigerpaw Mobile 2.0 update is available to all current mobile subscribers.

About Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

For almost 30 years, Tigerpaw has designed industry leading, CRM and service management to help people manage technology businesses more efficiently. Tigerpaw software is a comprehensive tool for helping IT, telephony, security, Audio/Video, and POS businesses increase growth and make informed business decisions. More than 35,000 smart technology providers have substantially grown their businesses with Tigerpaw. The award-winning solution enables businesses to manage, automate and integrate business functions including service, accounting, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, and workflow within one easy-to-use system.

For more information about Tigerpaw Business Suite 13 or Tigerpaw Mobile 2.0, contact Tigerpaw by phone at 800.704.9009 or by email at info@tigerpawsoftware.com.