Tigerpaw Software Launches Tigerpaw Ambassador Program


Tigerpaw Software Launches Tigerpaw Ambassador Program

Honors Clients Who Act as Passionate Advocates for Tigerpaw

Tigerpaw Software Inc., announced today the launch of their Tigerpaw Ambassador program, which honors those valued clients who act as evangelists for Tigerpaw, both inside and outside of their organizations. Ambassadors serve as an extension of the Tigerpaw Software team and whole-heartedly support Tigerpaw’s efforts.

Ambassadors are nominated by one of their industry peers or a member of the Tigerpaw team. The award speaks volumes about how highly they – and the work that they do – are valued throughout the industry and within Tigerpaw.

“These individuals are partners in every sense of the word,” said Linda Foxall, Co-Owner of Tigerpaw Software. “Their passion about Tigerpaw is a vital element to our success and they are invaluable to our organization.”

2012 Tigerpaw Ambassadors:

• Joe Danner, President – iAllianze

• Sean Dendle, Owner – Cymax Pty Ltd.

• Chris Devanney, Sales Director – Acteon Networks, LLC

• Linda Durack, Owner – DataWave

• Pete Engel, Owner – Joy Communications

• Randy Hall, President – Worldlan Technology

• Rick Harber, President and CEO – decisionDigital, Inc.

• Dave Heuman, CEO – CTS Technology Solutions, Inc.

• Glenn Houssenloge, Managing Director – Customer Centric Services

• Jason Landry, Sales Manager – Gage Telephone Systems

• Kevin Leibl, President – Advanced Network Systems

• Luke Lundin, Controller – InvisiMax

• Ed Mana, Chief Technologist – Technology on Demand

• Chance New, Owner – Angry Dog

• Kim O’Neil, CFO – Gateway TelNet

• Herb Rosen, President – Trans-West Network Solutions

• Layne Rouse, Manager of Business Operations – Telco Data

• Clifton Steele, Director – Biztex, LLC

• Randy Wear, Chief Evangelist – TOGL

About Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Tigerpaw has designed industry leading, CRM and service management to help people manage technology businesses more efficiently. Tigerpaw software is a comprehensive tool for helping IT, telephony, security, Audio/Video, and POS businesses increase growth and make informed business decisions. More than 35,000 smart technology providers have substantially grown their business with Tigerpaw. The award-winning solution enables businesses to manage, automate and integrate business functions including service, accounting, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, and workflow within one easy-to-use system.   For more information about the Tigerpaw Ambassador program, contact Tigerpaw at 800.704.9009; by email at info@tigerpawsoftware.com; or visit www.tigerpawsoftware.com/partners/Tigerpaw_Ambassadors.aspx.

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