Illinois Technology Foundation Presented With Donation at Tigerpaw National Conference


MSP Partners to Donate $5,000 to Program Furthering IT Education

Tigerpaw Software Inc., and MSP Partners announced today their mutual support of the CompTIA Creating IT Futures Foundation, which connects youth with IT skills that can change their lives.

Tigerpaw is honored to provide not only a forum for MSP Partners to present their $5,000 donation to the Creating IT Futures Foundation, but also to sponsor three IT student’s attendance at the Tigerpaw National Conference in Chicago. The donation will be presented to these students, Blake Fraher, Erik Miller, and Josh McWilliams, who will be attending as guests of the conference, as well as Illinois Technology Foundation President Ed Hoff.

“Tigerpaw Software is proud to support groups like the Creating IT Futures Foundation and the Illinois Technology Foundation and their efforts to support students in the pursuit of their Information Technology degrees,” said James Foxall, Tigerpaw President and CEO and MSP Partners Executive Council Member. “After all, the future of our industry depends upon the skills developed by future generations.”

“We are truly appreciative of Tigerpaw’s support for the student members of the Illinois Technology Foundation,” said William R. Waas, Chairman, Illinois Technology Foundation. “It is crucial in the development of future talent in IT for students to be able to attend and participate in industry events.”

About the Creating IT Futures Foundation

Established in 1998 by CompTIA, the Creating IT Futures Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity with the mission of helping individuals in need and populations under-represented in IT to prepare for, secure, and be successful in IT careers. Learn more at

About the Illinois Technology Foundation

The Illinois Technology Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of the technology talent pipeline in the State of Illinois. A grassroots organization with over 300 passionate volunteers, the foundation is focused on developing and retaining the best IT talent and leadership in Illinois by bringing real-world career opportunities to the classroom. Learn more at

About Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

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