Tigerpaw and Corelytics Launch Amazing Business Race Competition


Businesses Compete for Cash and Business Improvement

Tigerpaw Software Inc., a leading developer of business automation and service management software and Corelytics, creator of easy-to-use dashboards that enable companies to track their business performance launched the “Tigerpaw Amazing Business Race” contest for the users of their software. Racers will compete to win $10,000 in cash and prizes and the opportunity to be named the Tigerpaw Titan.

The Tigerpaw Titan will be selected from one of the three winners and receive additional cash prices and an opportunity to showcase their company to their peers. Racers will be required to hit racing check points every three months during the race and may be eliminated.

Racers will be able to use Tigerpaw to track their sales and service activities to manage the operations of their company. Racers will be able to set financial goals, track trends and compare themselves to their peers using the Corelytics Financial Dashboard, which is integrated into the latest version of Tigerpaw. This competition is yet another investment that Tigerpaw and Corelytics have made to bring value to their customers.

“Business owners that we’ve seen use the Corelytics Financial Dashboard to support a simple monthly management process for reviewing financial performance see dramatic changes in how they see their businesses perform financially – race contestants are going to experience this firsthand, this is going to be fun!” said Tony Lael, Executive Vice President of Corelytics.

The Race

Contestants will be judged on three critical areas of business – sales, service management and profitability. Each company racer will be given a starter kit to help them evaluate their current business performance, set goals and track those goals with software-based tools. Three racers will be chosen as winners in the following categories:

• Best sales organization

• Best service management organization

• Highest business profitability


How Do Companies Enter the Race?

Tigerpaw customers interested in entering can join the race via the Official Race Rules web page. Over 30 companies started the registration process during the Tigerpaw User Conference last week in Dallas, Texas.

About Corelytics

The Corelytics Financial Dashboard, created by CoreConnex, Inc. dba Corelytics, helps businesses quickly access a clear picture of their financial performance with goal-setting, predictive analytics and peer benchmarking. Recently recognized as the grand prize winner by Intuit, Inc. in their Intuit Apps Marketplace, Corelytics is priced at only $69 a month. Corelytics is an affordable solution for businesses to monitor trends before they become problems – all using a recommended 30-Minute Monthly Action Plan.   Based in Bellevue, Washington, and founded in 2005, Corelytics is revolutionizing the way that small businesses see and manage their finances with an easy-to-use dashboard that helps them compare their financial performance to goals and among peers in their industry. The company is experiencing healthy growth; approaching 1,000 customers across 11 countries. For additional information please visit: www.corelytics.com or call (866) 221-8394.

About Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Tigerpaw has designed industry leading, business-building software to help people manage technology businesses more efficiently. Tigerpaw software is a comprehensive tool for helping IT, telephony, security, Audio/Video, and POS businesses increase growth and make informed business decisions. More than 30,000 smart technology providers have substantially grown their business with Tigerpaw. The award-winning solution enables businesses to manage, automate and integrate business functions including service, accounting, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, and workflow within one easy-to-use system.