Tigerpaw Software Announces Integration with GreatAmerica Leasing


Livebridge offers real-time integration with largest private leasing finance company

Tigerpaw Software Inc., a leading developer of business automation and service management software and services, today introduced another Livebridge integration, a real-time link with GreatAmerica Leasing, the largest private independent equipment finance company in the U.S.

“Livebridge is a vital aspect of Tigerpaw and is available at no cost to active members of the Tigerpaw Customer Assurance (TCA) program,” said James Foxall, President of Tigerpaw.

“Livebridge ensures that valuable information from other systems remains at a client’s fingertips in Tigerpaw. In the case of our R2 release, it means that accurate leasing information and instant payment processing allow Tigerpaw users to invoice accurately and collect instantly – freeing them up to pursue more business and take care of their customers.”

Tigerpaw Software integrates with GreatAmerica Leasing to provide flexible lease payment information on quotes being provided to clients. Tigerpaw retrieves the rate card information and calculations for all the variables, which are housed at GreatAmerica Leasing, and returns the payment amount to Tigerpaw V11R2.

“GreatAmerica is excited to work with Tigerpaw to make it easier for equipment and solution providers to offer financing options to their customers,” said Marty Klees, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the GreatAmerica Communications & Data Group. “At the push of a button our mutual customers can now offer a monthly payment for their solutions.”

Learn more about how this real-time integration enables flexible payment options for Tigerpaw and Great America Leasing customers in a short video presentation.

About GreatAmerica Leasing

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, GreatAmerica Leasing is the largest private independent finance company in the U.S. GreatAmerica provides commercial equipment financing solutions and select business services to help U.S. manufacturers, vendors and dealers achieve greater success and keep their customers for a lifetime. GreatAmerica has a staff of over 360 employees with offices in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Georgia. For more information, contact GreatAmerica at 866.471.0955; by email at marketinggroup@greatamerica.com; or visit www.greatamerica.com.

About Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Tigerpaw has designed industry leading, business-building software to help people manage technology businesses more efficiently. Tigerpaw software is a comprehensive tool for helping IT, telephony, security, Audio/Video, and POS businesses increase growth and make informed business decisions. More than 30,000 smart technology providers have substantially grown their business with Tigerpaw. The award-winning solution enables businesses to manage, automate and integrate business functions including service, accounting, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, and workflow within one easy-to-use system.

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