Tigerpaw Software® and HEROware™ Roll Out Integrated Solution to Better Serve Customers


Innovative Partnership to Provide Automated Service Order Generation

Tigerpaw Software Inc., a leading developer of business automation and service management software and HEROware, a leading provider in SMB backup and disaster recovery solutions; announced today the successful integration between their respective business solutions.

Tigerpaw’s Managed Services Integrator, provides MSPs with a configurable tool to monitor and route incoming emails and to automatically generate service orders based on HEROware system alerts. This real-time integration allows all information in a HEROware system alert to be included in a Tigerpaw service ticket, so users can quickly react and respond to their customer’s issues allowing for resolution before the issue becomes critical.

“This integration benefits clients from both our companies, as it arms them with a full-circle solution,” Tigerpaw President James Foxall said. “By linking HEROware’s disaster recovery technology, and Tigerpaw’s end-to-end operations solution, IT firms can significantly enrich their customer service and gain a real competitive advantage.”

“Joining Tigerpaw as an integration partner helps HEROware’s resellers and MSP’s better serve their customer base,” said Lynn Shourds, HEROware President & CTO. “The ability to receive automated and updated alerts and notifications directly from the HERO-Defender into the Tigerpaw solution is key to the success of this partnership; as well as the success of our joint worldwide partners.”

About HEROware

In 2008, HEROware began a journey to revolutionize the Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) industry by creating an SMB solution with Enterprise features. Built upon a rock-solid Intel® hardware platform and Double-Take® Software’s state of the art, award winning, patented replication technology for Microsoft SBS and Windows Server, HERO-Defender is the first and only appliance-based BDR solution that provides continuous, Real-Time Byte Level Replication with Total Recovery In Minutes™. Microsoft Windows Server clients receive unparalleled business continuity via 24x7x365 primary (on-site) and secondary (cloud-based) total server protection including flawless backup and data recovery.

For more information, contact HEROware at 866.810.4376; by email at info@heroware.com, or visit www.heroware.com.

About Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Tigerpaw has designed industry leading, business-building software to help people manage technology businesses more efficiently. Tigerpaw software is a comprehensive tool for helping IT, telephony, security, Audio/Video, and POS businesses increase growth and make informed business decisions. More than 30,000 smart technology providers have substantially grown their business with Tigerpaw. The award-winning solution enables businesses to manage, automate and integrate business functions including service, accounting, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, and workflow within one easy-to-use system.

More than a simple PSA vendor, Tigerpaw ensures that sales calls are never forgotten and customer requests don’t fall through the cracks… helping keep customers and improve the overall customer experience.

For more information, contact Tigerpaw at 800.704.9009; by email at info@tigerpawsoftware.com; or visit www.tigerpawsoftware.com.

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