Tigerpaw and Servoyant Forge Alliance to Better Serve Customers


Innovators Partner to Provide MSP Integration

Tigerpaw Software Inc., a leading developer of business automation and service management software, has announced an integration partnership with Servoyant (www.servoyant.com), a provider of an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective cloud-based monitoring and management tool for IT infrastructures and devices.

The partnership has resulted in the development of seamless connectivity between the professional business automation software tools of Tigerpaw and the remote management and monitoring capabilities of the Servoyant solution, creating a robust application set for managed service providers (MSPs). Alerts generated through Servoyant are monitored, interpreted, and routed to appropriate technicians – and ultimately converted into service orders – through the Servoyant web API.

The integration:

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  • -Generates tickets that contain all the information collected by Servoyant for the alert
  • Updates ticket status in Servoyant from Tigerpaw
  • Synchronizes customer inventory item warranty/maintenance expirations to Servoyant
  • Synchronizes customer contact information and Tigerpaw account rep to Servoyant
  • Provides single source reporting on ticket response time, resolution time and tickets by incident type


“This is a partnership that makes a lot of sense for both parties and especially our respective clients,” said James Foxall, Tigerpaw President. “It gives the many IT firms we both serve the ability to connect the functionality of our two solutions – both vital to their business operations – and significantly enhances their customer service by further speeding and enhancing their workflows.”

“Coming from a service provider background, we have intimate knowledge of the specific needs of MSP’s, including the need for tight integration with an industry leader like Tigerpaw,” stated Enrique Krajmalnik, Servoyant President and CEO. “Of specific importance is the ability to fit into the business processes each MSP has developed while providing a robust, complete platform aimed at providing unified monitoring and management of all devices.”

About Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

Tigerpaw Software is a leading developer of integrated business building software with a reputation for providing cutting-edge, affordable, effective business software solutions for more than 25 years. With 30,000 users in 28 countries, Tigerpaw empowers businesses to better manage and automate their marketing, sales, service, and inventory functions. Tigerpaw has received Customer Interaction Solutions Product of the Year Award 2005- 2010.

About Servoyant

Servoyant empowers organizations with a complete suite of network unification tools including: network monitoring, network management, network automation, and network reporting, which are designed to help prevent problems and keep network systems running smoothly. With rapid deployment and customizable configurations, Servoyant unifies disparate network support tools into a single platform. Through rapid deployment, provisioning templates and automated discovery, Servoyant enables an administrator’s management and monitoring of an entire network within minutes.

For more information, contact Tigerpaw at 800.704.9009; by email at info@tigerpawsoftware.com; or visit www.tigerpawsoftware.com.

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