One Week Later – Reflecting on Tigerpaw


Last night I meet with Josh Peterson (Taylor Business Group) and his colleague at the Eleven Winery tasting room on Bainbridge Island. Josh is in the Seattle-area for several days visiting clients and made the trip over via ferry for dinner and good cheer. At the wine tasting room, I was educated on how the wine maker will open the wine and let it sit for spell to breathe. So one week later, I feel like I have the proper perspective to look back and blog the successful Tigerpaw conference that occurred last week in Dallas.

Tigerpaw is a PSA solution for MSPs and telephony resellers/interconnects to run their businesses better. It’s a critical line-of-business (LOB) application that is highly acclaimed and has been in the market for 25-years, serving 25,000 customers. The Omaha-based family run company is just that – one big family – as many employees were attending to tend to the needs of all attendees. Let’s just say that Tigerpaw’s corporate culture is distinctly different from its competition (ConnectWise, Autotask). Quite frankly, it’s great to have three distinct PSA solutions on the market – talk about choice!


Anywho – back to Dallas. I really enjoyed the soft start to the event with (a) a joint BeerFest on Tuesday night for the “earlies” (where I enjoyed meeting founder Dave Foxall) and the Dallas Cowboys Stadium tour on Wednesday afternoon. I arrived late to the Kaseya opening reception because I stayed up stairs in my room to watch the NO-NO being thrown in the baseball playoffs. My bad – the Kaseya reception was held in a sports bar and I woulda/cloulda/shoulda watched it there. As you can see in the picture – I quickly integrated with the party and the sports refs!

In previous blogs, I have covered the keynote address (James Foxall introduced as President) and the four pillar foundation at Tigerpaw. But just to be completely clear – the four “Pillars of Success” – that also reflected the conference content tracks, are:

1. Organizing Your Business

2. Optimizing Your Customer Experience

3. Fueling the Beast

4. Creating Excellence

The demographic was wonderful in that I made a lot of new friends. You couldn’t say that this event was the “same old crowd” seen at every conference. Far from it – it was a new crowd for me in part because Tigerpaw has deep telephony sector roots. And there were “good folks” in attendance. One couple runs a small IT consultancy in Wisconsin where the business cards refer to the address as “Next door to Burger King” Gotta love it- the Midwest backbone of American small business! I love this snitz!

When I attend a conference, you gotta remember that in addition to being a member of the media, I’m in the vents business and naturally critique events that I attend. I often see the little things attendees might overlook (watch the video as I speak towards round tables versus classroom style). So let me give you Harryb’s “Michelin Guide” rating for this first effort for a user conference by Tigerpaw: OUTSTANDING!