Users of Tigerpaw now have access to Telecom Version of Corelytics Financial Dashboard


Newly announced offer provides Corelytics Extended Edition to Tigerpaw users, built specifically for VARs serving the Telecom market. This comes in addition to an offer that gives Tigerpaw users access to Corelytics Lite Edition FREE for 1 year – another investment made by Tigerpaw to add value to their customers.

Tigerpaw, producers of the leading PSA (Professional Services Automation) software to the Telecommunications industry, announced today it is collaborating with CoreConnex to make the Corelytics Financial Dashboard – Extended Edition available to its current and future customers.

Corelytics Extended is the financial dashboard for Telecom VARS that currently or in the future may offer general IT support services and who want to manage their business with precision. Corelytics Extended features the support of 10 lines of business (LOBs) which are specifically related to the Telecommunications industry.

The Corelytics Financial Dashboard solution receives data from a company’s financial accounting systems and provides a secure, hosted platform to display financial performance, key indicators and forecasts. This can become the foundation for sound financial management practices and improved business planning.

“This strategic partnership is another great example of Tigerpaw’s mission to seek out and engage with business partners whose products and services will add value to our customers’ businesses. We’re excited to be featuring Corelytics at the Tigerpaw User Conference this week in Dallas.” said James Foxall, President of Tigerpaw.

Voice and Data benchmarks are a major feature of the Corelytics Financial Dashboard and are brought to Tigerpaw solution providers through an exclusive partnership between CoreConnex and TAG. TAG (Technology Assurance Group) is an international organization and the dominant force in the unified communications industry. Members include Voice VARs, Data VARs and Managed Service Providers. The combination of industry benchmarks, business analytics and the leading financial dashboard provides Tigerpaw solution providers with an important, value added offering.

“We are extremely excited to offer this to Tigerpaw users and are looking forward to the introduction of the new release at the Tigerpaw conference in Dallas. This is a very powerful offering that provides better financial intelligence to Telecomm VARs and shows the commitment of Tigerpaw to add value to their customers,” says Frank Coker, chief executive officer of CoreConnex.

Tigerpaw will offer a discount on the Extended Edition of the Corelytics Financial Dashboard to its solution providers. Tigerpaw has also invested more than $400 per customer for them to get the Lite Edition FREE for one year. Corelytics Lite is a great way to test drive Corelytics with limited features, but gets you started. To learn more about Corelytics Lite or Extended or sign up go to Tigerpaw Corelytics.

How it Works

The Corelytics Financial Dashboard gives Tigerpaw users a clear picture of where their business is headed. With a few clicks, company owners and managers automatically retrieve accounting data from their accounting system into the Corelytics Financial Dashboard to see trend lines, forecasts, and business performance analytics. Corelytics uses the company’s profile data to select a set of benchmarks that are derived from companies with similar characteristics. The dashboard helps managers establish business disciplines that will unlock their potential in this growing market sector.

About Tigerpaw

Tigerpaw Software, Inc. is the leading provider of business building software designed for technology providers. The award-winning Tigerpaw solution is the most comprehensive suite of tools available to help IT, telephony, security, audio/video, and point of sale businesses create growth. Tigerpaw enables businesses to deliver a higher level of service while achieving greater profitability by managing, automating and integrating service, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, workflow, and accounting. Tigerpaw ensures that sales calls are never forgotten, customer requests don’t fall through the cracks, SLAs are met, and technician time is always billed. With Tigerpaw, all of your employees share customer information from a single database, through one powerful application.

About CoreConnex, Inc.

Founded in 2005 in Bellevue, WA, CoreConnex was formed as an extension of an existing consulting practice with over 20 years of business coaching in multiple industries and a specialization in technology service business. CoreConnex brings SaaS (Software as a Service) business analytics and easy-to-understand visual metrics to the technology services market with recognition that most service company owners do not have a financial background and yet need sophisticated tools to help build their businesses as the technology market rapidly evolves. The company currently has subscribers in 10 countries and growing. Visit or call 425-533-0733.