This Tiger is set to Roar!


Mom – I’m a lobbyist! Why? Because most of the relevant news gathering I did at this week’s CompTIA Breakaway event was literally in the lobby of the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort! So I’m delighted to WHISPER this advanced news.

Tigerpaw is in the late editorial stages of developing four really cool messaging pillars that it will unveil as a glossy handout at its partner conference in Dallas in early October. Here are the saucy details!

Tigerpaw historically could have been thought of as a silent tiger in the PSA jungle. My lobby chat with president James Foxall (who by the way is a really cool guy like me) clarified some confusion I had. Tigerpaw is the longest player in the PSA market quickly approaching its 25th anniversary. It has strong roots in telecom that other PSA vendors are now starting to explore. He also clarified a “MY BAD” wherein I incorrectly thought that Tigerpaw was the “cheapest” PSA on the market. That is not true – it’s on equal economic footing with Autotask and Connectwise. This is not a story of Avis taking on Hertz but rather three (3) Hertz rental car agencies in the same market.

The four pillar messages, to be released at Tigerpaw’s first user conference (October 6-8, Dallas TX) are simply this:   •Organizing the business (that took Harryb time to do)

• Optimizing your customer experience (good point in video here)

• Fueling the beast (love this part)

• Creating excellence! (kinda like the Maslow thang!)


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