Tigerpaw Provides a Way to Report the Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax for QuickBooks


Tigerpaw Software, Inc., developer of the most comprehensive business building software for technology providers, today announced that it has created a stand-alone utility that will handle the Canadian government mandate to collect Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) for the British Columbia and Ontario providence.

This update to handle HST allows for the collection of the one harmonized tax in replacement of the previous GST & PST taxes. Customers will no longer be required to track each tax separately and send them to their prospective agencies. They only need to manage this one tax.

The Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) option is available in Tigerpaw to help for the provinces in Canada that have been mandated to start collecting this tax on July 1st, 2010. Tigerpaw made this utility to accommodate the changes to the Canadian tax laws.

“The update was written to accommodate Canadian Tigerpaw users that need to account for HST,” said James Foxall, President of Tigerpaw Software. “The update offers new reports, so that invoices and other documents would reflect the harmonized sales tax.”

Currently the utility runs independent of Tigerpaw, but will be added to the next version as a tax option from the list of accounting links in the Configure Accounting screen of Tigerpaw.

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