Cabinet NG Jumps Into Managed Services Market


It is funny what can stare you in the face and still be overlooked. Take, for instance, the integration between Cabinet NG, a document management and workflow software vendor, and Tigerpaw Software, which builds IT business management software. The new partnership, just unveiled in October, allows both managed services providers (MSPs) accustomed to using Tigerpaw’s professional services automation (PSA) tool and Cabinet NG’s traditional ECM partners to streamline their offerings.


Jim True, VP of business development for Cabinet NG, says the partnership evolved out of a suggestion from an existing Tigerpaw user that added Cabinet NG to its product lineup. “This integration really makes sense, it tied to products together that are both focused on automation,” says True. “They are in the business of helping partners automate their IT services business, and we compliment that by helping to automate the business’ paperwork.”


True said he expects the first round of interest from existing Tigerpaw users, primarily MSPs who want to further streamline their internal operations by implementing document management. “With every account those partners have in Tigerpaw, there is paperwork associated with it, and they can now work in Tigerpaw and have access to everything in our system,” explains True. From there, the ECM vendor is hoping that document management will be another product solution offered by MSPs; another way for them to support the SMB customers they typically work with. “Document management can really cement a long-term relationship with a client, which makes it a great fit for managed services relationships.”

Gennifer Biggs