What does he have that I don’t have?


What does he have that I don’t have?

 Answer: He has profits, a thriving business, better leads, and more available time in the day… Yes, I’m talking about your competition.

Why is it that you can always find someone who is better organized, achieves higher profits, and seems to do it all in fewer working hours? Probably because he spends less time re-keying data and reinventing processes, and doesn’t keep multiple systems to run his business. He is efficient. He is profitable because he does more with less. He uses Tigerpaw.

Tigerpaw software is a tool that integrates your sales, installation, service, technician management, inventory, and purchasing into one system. With over 20,000 users in the telecom and IT market space, Tigerpaw provides NEC dealers with a more efficient way to run their business.

Using Tigerpaws Quote Import tool, NEC dealers can turn an “NEC Master Quote” into a proposal and then a work order without re-keying any data. Tigerpaw is designed to connect the front-end of CRM and the back-end of operations into a tool that manages your work orders, technician utilization and dispatching, workforce scheduling, invoicing, purchasing, and inventory — all tied to the customer account. Mobility, web, and GPS integration makes Tigerpaw software a valuable part of daily operations in the office and from the field. If you are an NEC dealer who wants to eliminate re-keying data and maintaining multiple systems, and who would like to do more with less to grow your business, you need Tigerpaw.

NEC Dealers, how do you know you need Tigerpaw? If you answer “yes” to any of the following:


• I maintain multiple systems to run my business.

• I export my NEC Master Quote into an Excel spreadsheet, manipulate the data and manually create a new quote for the customer.

• I have to re-key my data from my current system into my accounting software.

• I keep a separate system for purchasing.

• I invoice from my accounting package.

• My customer contact information is not linked to my work orders, billing or purchasing.

• I am unable to get real-time customer data from the field or a mobile device.

• I am unable to enter customer information, work performed, or changes to an order from the field.

• I maintain customer inventory, equipment, and RMA’s in a separate database or I don’t maintain them at all.



Here is what Tigerpaw means to you:



• It means you save TIME by not having to double enter quote data from your Master Quote into another product.

• It means you save MONEY by not having to pay your staff additional dollars in overhead costs.

• It means you reduce ERRORS in your data by eliminating the need to manually re-enter or copy/paste data.

• It means you have a CENTRAL CATALOG for storing all your parts, services, and labor items.

• It means you keep all your data in ONE PLACE instead of maintaining multiple databases and systems.

• It means you gain INSTANT ROI on your investment by capturing technician time that is lost or goes unbilled.

• It means you have all your CUSTOMER DATA in place for better customer service in the office or from the field.


Be efficient. Do MORE with LESS.

Use Tigerpaw.