Tigerpaw Adds CorsPro Integration


Business Management System Fitted with CorsPro Import Functionality

BELLEVUE, Neb., (April 30, 2008) — Tigerpaw Software®, Inc., (www.tigerpawsoftware.com), a leading developer of business automation and service management software, announced today the addition of data import functionality with PriceQuote™ – a solution configuration and document generation software application made by Cors Productivity Solutions – to its end-to-end business operations software solutions, Tigerpaw CRM+.

The integration with PriceQuote expands the functionality of Tigerpaw’s Quote Import™ tool. The integration was designed to tie PriceQuote functionality into Tigerpaw CRM+, creating a fully integrated process that eliminates the need for re-keying data. As a result, users are able to export customer data directly from Tigerpaw CRM+ to PriceQuote to begin a proposal, eliminating the need to key in this information manually. Once the sale is made, users can then import the PriceQuote solution configuration data directly into Tigerpaw CRM+ to manage all their installation orders, service management, invoicing, purchasing, and accounting.

Cors Productivity Solutions developed PriceQuote in 2004 to meet the pricing, solution configuration, and document generation needs of companies selling complex solutions. PriceQuote data, including system configuration, peripheral products and service packages are imported directly into either new or existing Tigerpaw CRM+ quotes, simultaneously adding the data to Tigerpaw CRM+ installation orders and project management detail. Quotes are managed in Tigerpaw CRM+ through the installation, delivery and invoice processes.

“Import directly into a Tigerpaw CRM+ quote!” says Mike Cook, Sales Manager of Tigerpaw Software, Inc. “You can stop entering data manually, saving countless hours and manpower; click, click, click, and you’re done.”

Brian Cors, owner and President of CorsPro, is equally enthusiastic about the increase in productivity that customers can expect from the integration. “We’re extremely pleased with the integration to Tigerpaw CRM+ because it reinforces our mission to help our clients sell more in less time.” He went on to say that “Customers are no longer restricted by separate, closed systems to propose, sell and implement their solutions for prospects and customers. When a full end-to-end solution configuration and document generation application work together, the result is a streamlined sales process from quote to invoice. That’s powerful, and our customers are going to save time and reduce data-entry errors because of it.”

About Cors Productivity Solutions

Founded in 2003, Cors Productivity Solutions provides productivity-enhancing solutions for sales and marketing operations by combining best-in-class technology, content, and process re-engineering. With CorsPro’s PriceQuote, users can generate turnkey configurations, quotations, and proposals from scratch within seconds, producing customized, differentiated proposals with just a few mouse clicks. For more information about PriceQuote, contact CorsPro at 888-297-8845; by email at contact@corspro.com; or visit www.corspro.com.

About Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

Tigerpaw Software is a leading developer of integrated business automation and inventory control software, with a reputation for providing cutting-edge, affordable, effective business software solutions for more than 24 years. With more than 20,000 users in 28 countries, Tigerpaw empowers businesses to better manage and automate their marketing, sales, service, and inventory functions. Tigerpaw is the recipient of the 2006 and 2007 CRM Excellence Award, the 2005 and 2006 Customer Interaction Solutions Product of the Year Award, and the 2005 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

For more information, contact Tigerpaw at 800.704.9009; by email at info@tigerpawsoftware.com; or visit www.tigerpawsoftware.com