Why Businesses Need Account Management Software


In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, software solutions that ease management and save time are a must.

When it comes to keeping up with customers, account management software is perfect for handling all tracking, sharing and storing of customer information.

The information collected and stored by account management software is not only vital for business practices but makes it easier for companies to eliminate manual labor and paperwork that is not only time consuming and costly, but also lacks the kind of information that can be made easily accessible by account management software.

Timely and important information such as customer names, contact information as well as details like money and time spent on products and services and other factors help businesses to know their customers well, offer appropriate services, and through more effective communications, find more loyal customers.

With Tigerpaw’s account management software, businesses are able to track an unlimited amount of accounts and contacts as well as schedules tasks and create a number of user-defined fields for complete control of customer information.

Businesses will not only benefit from complete records of historical notes, proposals, linked documents, service orders and contracts for all accounts, but will also have the ability to easily maintain profiles from one account but can also have all customer touch points available in one place.


Stefania Viscusi TMCnet Editor