Tigerpaw’s Service Level Management Software Helps Service Providers Build Customer Loyalty


In order to stay afloat in today’s highly competitive business world, companies delivering on-site technical services need to consistently deliver on their promises to their customers. That means they need to pay attention to every little detail, as related to the terms and conditions of the contracts and agreements they sign with their clients, and as related to the specific tasks their technicians carry out on site as part of those agreements. Thus they need a mechanism for continuously identifying, monitoring and reviewing the levels of service they are providing, to ensure that they are living up to, if not exceeding, the expectations of their customers.

Helping service providers deliver on their service level agreements is Tigerpaw’s CRM+ service level management software. This tightly integrated suite of software modules is designed to support sales, marketing, contact management, customer service, service and repair management, and inventory control. It is ideal for telecom resellers, VAR’s, interconnects, networking companies, computer repair companies, security and alarm companies, HVAC contractors, and other service companies that dispatch repair technicians on a regular basis.

The four modules that make up the service level management software solution include: Pursuit, for contact management and marketing; Quotes, for sales force automation and opportunity management; Service and Repair, for customer service call tracking, technician tracking and dispatching; and Parts, for inventory control and purchasing. The service level management software integrates with Microsoft Office and is capable of tracking customers and prospects throughout an entire organization. Service providers which adopt this comprehensive service level management software solution are better equipped to build long-term, meaningful relationships with their customers.

Tigerpaw’s service level management software offers several mobility options which will help empower your technicians by giving them access to the customer information they need while they’re out in the field. That means changes and updates made in the field can take effect in real time (or near real time) on the servers at the central office. This “virtualization” of the company network means business information can be seamlessly shared across all channels, mobile or otherwise — a huge leap forward compared to the clunky interfaces of the not-too-distant past. With this service level management software, technicians can share documents and have full access to their company’s CRM system while they’re in the field. They can generate work orders, print out tickets, view a history of past issues, check supply outlets for parts – you name it, just about anything you can do in the central office you can do in the field. That means technicians have less paperwork to do and loose ends to wrap up after their trucks roll back into the yard. Empowering your technicians with these capabilities will not only help the deliver better service, it also goes a long way to “wow” your customers and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tigerpaw’s service level management software enables service providers to better plan, execute, and evaluate the workforce optimization strategies which will help them to develop and maintain customer relationships through quality, one-on-one interactions. This helps ensure that the right people with the right knowledge are available when customers need them most.

In addition, service providers can significantly eliminate manual errors and increase the reliability of their databases. Through integration with managed services software, Tigerpaw CRM+ connects managed services functionality with service order and workflow capabilities, enabling service providers to deliver superior customer service. The Tigerpaw CRM+ Managed Services Integrator offers incoming email monitoring and routing, automated service order generation, and comprehensive logging and archiving.



Patrick Barnard Assignment Editor for TMCnet