Tigerpaw’s Account Management Software Allows Greater Flexibility than Ever


A comprehensive account management software tool, Pursuit is offered by Tigerpaw CRM and is designed to help businesses automate, organize and track the flow of tasks, customers, accounts and contacts. Tigerpaw helps organizations to manage account flow, as well as scheduling, invoicing and billing.

Tigerpaw’s account management software includes comprehensive calendaring capabilities, task scheduling and Outlook synching. This account management software is more than just a customer service scheduling tool; rather, Tigerpaw’s Pursuit is an ideal method of managing contacts, including anything from dispatching technicians to maintaining RMA and sales quotes. Pursuit account management software from Tigerpaw allows companies to organize their entire business work flow from the ground up.

Among the features Tigerpaw has included in its account management software are:


 CONTACTS: Each account can contain an unlimited number of contacts, in addition to an unlimited number of tasks for each contact.


 ACCOUNTS: Tigerpaw uses an account hierarchy system which allows access to a wide array of customer information.


 HISTORY:: Tigerpaw has incorporated a journal feature which allows a full historical view of every account, including all communications and transactions.



 CALENDARING: Calendaring is a flexible and powerful feature within Tigerpaw’s software. In addition to the usual at-a-glance setting and viewing of day, week, month and year, it includes a customizable group calendar which permits the manipulation of calendars for multiple individuals at the same time.


 OUTLOOK SYNCHRONIZATION: Tigerpaw’s CRM software boasts two-way Microsoft Outlook synchronization. The two applications share contacts and tasks, regardless of origin.



 TASK SCHEDULING:: Task scheduling is comprised of a set of powerful tools designed to manage, effectively and efficiently, each user’s contacts and accounts with a high degree of efficiency. It is, in essence, the fuel that powers Account Management in Tigerpaw CRM+.




While traditional contact managers focus on single contacts, Tigerpaw’s management software maintains a central account, and is able to assign a limitless amount of contacts to each account from there. Pursuit from Tigerpaw allows you to manage accounts like never before.

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Brian Solomon Web Editor for TMCnet