Tigerpaw Service Management Software Improves Service Orders


Service management software is important to business success as it makes service order production and management possible. By including maintenance contract tracking and technician scheduling, service management software can help businesses to can stay ahead of the competition and continue to provide customers with services they benefit from and appreciate.

CRM+ Service Management software from TigerPaw Software includes these capabilities while also incorporating desktop functionality to make it possible to track service issues, offer telephone support and on-site repair.

An important element in Tigerpaw CRM+ is the creation and management of service orders.

With CRM+ service management software it is possible to have detailed service orders that tie together maintenance contracts and customer inventories and to create service orders from within several different views in the system.

With service management software additional detail can be added to a service order including relevant dates and times associated with the order for advanced capabilities that make competitive service possible.

Also CRM+ makes it possible to add items right from a price book or enter service technician’s time log information or assign a job with only a click.

Now, TigerPaw has also added a Service Order Escalation feature to their service management software that will allow users to escalate service orders based on configurable parameters and that will inform personnel of outstanding service issues.

With the service order escalation tool, businesses are empowered with a response management tool to help increase customer support levels and increase good customer experiences.




Stefania Viscusi Assistant Editor