Service Management Software


The customer is an important part of any businesses focus. Beyond just at the enterprise level, the customer—and serving them with the best quality— is also an important part of the services function.


Service management software makes it possible to better track service orders and monitor projects so that companies can remain successful while also providing best in class services.


Service management software helps to also improve productivity and better monitor and measure performance.


Making business decisions are also easier with service management software in place as it makes it possible to track trends and alter offerings based on the attained information.


One of the key functions of service management software is the ability to more easily maintain contracts and manage service technician time.


Using Tigerpaw’s service management software, CRM+, it is possible to track and maintain all services, parts and labor costs for each invoice and create customized contracts that take advantage of the best policies and processes for maximum ROI.


Another feature of the service management software is its ability to provide improved project management. With this service management function, it is possible to effectively execute a varied amount of projects on time and on budget.


The system includes a project view for accessing, editing and entering all data related to projects including fields for displaying priority and status levels. With the addition of a dynamic timeline, Tigerpaw also provides a graphical view of the project.


These and other functionalities of service management software make it so that providing an exceptional customer experience— even at the service level is possible.


To find out more about service management software offerings from Tigerpaw, check out their products page HERE.



STEFANIA VISCUSI TMCnet Assistant Editor for Channels