Account Management Software Evolves


It was not all that long ago that in order to be successful in business, one simply needed to have a Rolodex full of contacts, and a steel trap for a mind. In today’s complex world of business interactions, in the face of a constantly evolving business environment, it can be a challenge to maintain a dossier on all of your company’s important clients. Enter account management software.

Account management software has evolved to the point where it can play a critical role in any CRM strategy by helping employees easily access all the information they need to know about a particular client or prospective client.

Account management software allows a member of a company’s sales team, for example to track every detail of an account they might be working on, even beyond the business details of an account, including personal information such as birthdays, family members’ names, etc… This kind of information can go a long way to building or maintaining a relationship with the prospect, and thus account management software is able to contribute to a salesperson’s ability to close the deal.

Account management software allows users to track the history of communications with a particular client, which enables users to keep all necessary information at their fingertips when making important business decisions.

Tigerpaw Software is a major player in the account management software realm. TigerPaw CRM+ account management software not only helps business run more smoothly and deliver better services, but also helps to eliminate errors by improving logging and tracking, so more time can be spent servicing customer needs

TMC had the opportunity to reach out to Tigerpaw and ask some questions about the company and their account management software offering.


TMC: Who is a typical customer for your account management software solution?

Tigerpaw: Typical customers who are interested in our account management software solution include Telecom, Audio Visual, Point-of-Sale, Computer/IT, and Managed Service Providers to name a few.

TMC: What is the main benefit of an account management software solution?

Tigerpaw: Account management software is essentially a set of comprehensive contact, marketing, and account management tools designed to organize, automate, and track the flow of information. Account management software gives customers a complete, 360 degree view of their business processes and all customer touchpoints.

TMC: Please describe your relationship with Kaseya.

Tigerpaw: Tigerpaw CRM+ integrates with Kaseya directly providing customers with a 360 degree view of their business. To be competitive, Managed Service Providers must go beyond basic MSP monitoring and create revenue models that incorporate a 360º of your customer, issues, data and service contracts — all in one database. Tigerpaw and Kaseya join forces to provide MSP with proven techniques for managing customers, creating reoccurring revenue and a complete end-to-end business solution.

– Greg Galitzine is editorial director for TMCnet.


Greg Galitzine Editorial director for TMCnet