Account Management Software: Centralized Customer Information


Account management software provides organizations with a way to automate and track information necessary for achieving success. Another key benefit of account management software is its ability to centralize all customer information into one location– making the access and maintenance of that information, much easier.

With account management software businesses are given a complete view into their operations. With this they have the ability to compete and pull ahead of the competition.

For example, account management software like CRM+ from Tigerpaw Software, helps to maintain a central account with assigned contacts on each account, so companies have the tools they need to be successful today.

Also, account management software functions include: recording date/time-stamped notes, merging to Microsoft Word for correspondence using custom templates, printing reports, faxing, emails, phone auto-dialing and managing tasks.

A solution such as TigerPaw’s CRM+ account management software not only helps business run more smoothly and deliver better services, but also helps to eliminate errors by improving logging and tracking, so more time can be spent servicing customer needs.

With account manage software it’s also possible to keep an accurate and detailed record of customer information that is well- organized and lets you know everything you need to know about a customer or business. From phone numbers, to history notes, inventory and maintenance contracts, all in one central and easily accessible location.

In all, account management software enhances your view of all customer touch points and offers a more profitable way to run your business.



Stafania Viscusi Assistant Editor for Channels