Service Management Software and Time Logs


Providing quality, satisfying services to customers is a must in today’s highly competitive marketplace. By offering services customers are pleased with, it is possible to have a competitive advantage and keep, as well as gain, loyal customers.

The frustration of waiting for a service technician to arrive on a call can have a negative impact on the customer experience if not properly managed.

Customers look to receive quality services that they can depend on and that deliver on their promises. To help businesses deliver these services to customers, service management software helps to keep control of operations and offers services customers can appreciate.

One especially important element in service management software is the time management of technicians serving the field.

It is critical that technicians work be logged and tracked, since time logs are also tied to service orders.

Tigerpaw CRM+ service management software includes time logs that help to better track and manage services technicians provide. This can include technician arrival times, billable and non-billable information and the types of services preformed.


Service management software also makes it easier to schedule technicians and track service orders so customers are provided with more efficient, streamlined services they come to value.





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