Dominate Your Sector: Get Service Management Software


Service Management, in a Nutshell

What is service management software? Why, service management software is nothing less than an indispensable tool for any company that must deliver timely customer service to succeed. Service management software lets any service-based business create and follow through with service orders. Service management software is all about efficiency.

The efficiency delivered by a service management software solution needs to be easy to achieve. This means service management software, under the hood, packs some pretty robust features. For example, a service management software solution lets a company produce service orders and tag them for easy management by customer, technician, problem, status, and type.

Underlying a service management software solution is a robust database. This service management software database should be capable of storing and handling unlimited order notes, problem descriptions, and details about work performed. For example, this information, stored in the service management software database, lets the company easily create an RMA for any item and perform customer inventory exchanges. Service management software also lets a company track which items were serviced and what parts/labor were used.

One of the many benefits of service management software is its use as a technician time management tool. Through time logs, a company can utilize its service management software to keep track of which technicians are sent out on jobs and how long they worked. This service management software feature helps with accurate billing—an advantage both for the company (gets paid for what it does) and the customer (doesn’t have to worry about billing discrepancies).

Speaking of billing, service management software is also designed to handle this aspect of serving customers. A modern service management software solution should include robust invoicing tools. This aspect of service management software helps companies streamline and automate invoicing and related business processes.

Ultimately, service management software is at tool for project management. A project, in the service management software realm, encompasses everything about serving each customer in a timely and appropriate manner. Service management software lets companies execute, on time and on budget, projects of all sizes and scopes.

Service management software, then, is about tying together aspects of doing business that may have previously been handled by different tools but belong in a centralized system. With service management software, customer-focused companies are well on their way to becoming real powerhouses in their market sector.



Mae Kowalke previously wrote for Cleveland Magazine in Ohio and The Burlington Free Press in Vermont. To see more of her articles, please visit Mae Kowalke’s columnist page.


Mae Kowalke Associate Editor for Channels