Tigerpaw’s Account Management Software Helps Companies Better Serve Their Customers


Thanks to major advancements in network architecture and database management, today’s account management software solutions have come a long way during the past few years. Now, with account management software solutions provided by leading vendors including Tigerpaw Software, companies have much more powerful account management tools at their disposal. These account management software solutions not only maintain every single important piece of information about a prospect or customer, they can also be used to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and reveal trends among individual customers, groups of customers, or the overall customer base.


Some of the key features of Tigerpaw’s account management software, part and parcel of its industry-leading CRM+ suite, include the ability to track unlimited accounts with unlimited contacts; the ability to schedule unlimited tasks for a particular account or contact; the ability to create un-limited user-defined fields; and the ability to fax and/or autodial phone numbers. Indeed, the company’s account management software uses an account hierarchy system that optimizes access to a “digital treasure trove” of customer information.


With Tigerpaw’s account management software, each account in the system serves as a central depository for all the detailed information on a customer’s business and its agents. With this account management software, every account can include detailed contact information, including mailing addresses and unlimited phone numbers. This account management software also lets you track essential data such as a user-defined account IDs, industry identification (SIC) codes and other marketing information. The account management software also delivers full history notes, linked documents (via document imaging and scanning support), quotes history, service orders history, inventory history, maintenance contracts, hot notes, and more. As such, Tigerpaw’s account management software is better suited to the modern corporate environment than that of many of its competitors. Certainly, the ability to assign an unlimited number of contacts to each account is, in and of itself, a huge advantage for any account management software solution.