Tigerpaw Makes Accounting Data Available in Real Time


QBTrak delivers real time accounting integration between CRM+ and Quickbooks

BELLEVUE, Neb., May 16, 2007 — Tigerpaw Software, Inc., a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and professional service automation (PSA) software for small and midsize businesses, announced today its first, real time, seamless accounting integration between Tigerpaw CRM+ and QuickBooks accounting software.

Responding to customer requests for tighter integration between front- and back-office data, Tigerpaw CRM+ announces the general release of QBTrak, developed and sold by TigerTrak, a division of Action Networks, LLC QBTrak creates a bi-directional, real-time link between CRM+ and QuickBooks that allows seamless and instant transfer of data between the two applications, eliminating the need for manual exporting and importing of files.

Key features of the new CRM+ companion product include real-time accounts receivable integration, real-time customer list integration, and automated customer credit hold.

“We have thousands of users currently pairing CRM+ with QuickBooks to run their business,” said Tigerpaw Sales Manager, Mike Cook. “This is extremely good news for those among them who are interested in maximizing their efficiency and automation.”

“Discovering an accounting integration model that transfers all our data from Tigerpaw CRM+ in real time is vital to managing our money and making decisions that affect the bottom line. This saves a lot of time. Time is the one thing you cannot buy.” says Renae Feldman of Integrated Office Networks.

QBTrak’s accounts receivable integration enables invoices created in Tigerpaw to be posted to QuickBooks without user intervention. Similarly, the customer list integration automates the seamless transfer of customer account information – both new accounts and modifications to existing accounts – into QuickBooks. The customer credit hold feature enforces user-defined thresholds to automatically place a credit hold on customers with excessive overdue balances. And QBTrak’s collection utilities provide tools, such as automated email notifications, to help businesses recover unpaid bills.

QBTrak is a component of TigerTrak’s Sentry companion-product suite built for Tigerpaw CRM+. Sentry, which retails for $999, includes tools for contract expiration notification, quote expiration notification, service order escalation, closed service order reporting, and custom purchase order generation. Sentry requires Tigerpaw CRM+ version 10.5.

“We designed QBTrak as a solution for the many companies who depend so heavily on these two premier applications but prefer the convenience of real-time data exchange,” said Chris Devanney, Manager of Product Development, Acteon Networks. “We feel QBTrak is the ‘missing link’ that allows users to really make the most of the combined business management power of CRM+ and QuickBooks.”

Devanney said enhancements to the product are already in the works. Additional features will include a wizard to configure CRM+ price book data for use with QuickBooks; quote-to-estimate integration; collection utilities; timesheet integration; and customer price level analysis to monitor and adjust rates based on customer payment history.

Fort Washington, Pa.-based Acteon Networks, parent company of TigerTrak, is a Tigerpaw Companion Product Development Partner and full-service provider of business communication solutions.

For more information about QBTrak, visit www.TigerTrak.com.


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