Keeping Better Track with Account Management Software


Relations with clients and customers are a vital part of any businesses success. However, keeping track of detailed information about them can become increasingly difficult in today’s expanding, highly complex, business world.

Account Management software is also an important part element in overall CRM and helps companies by allowing them to go to one place to find out all they need to know about a client.

It can be easy to loose track of communications that occurred, or keep accurate records that are necessary, without an account management software solution in place.

When it comes to account management, software solutions offer a host of benefits.

Account management software offers the ability to better keep track of communications history as well as store detailed, relevant information on each account for an unlimited number of contacts. This helps to maintain control as well as streamline the attainment necessary information or for use in making key decisions.

The records of detailed information stored by account management software can also be utilized to analyze the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, for example.

With the power of all of the information available from one single location, account management software can also serve to improve productivity and services delivered to customers.

Account management software also includes features like the ability to fax or autodial right from the account management software.

With account management software, it is possible to attain the goal of growing a base of positive and loyal customers, because interactions with them can be continually improved based on detailed information within their accounts.

TigerPaw Software offers an Account Management software solution with their CRM+ offering including the ability to record date/time-stamped notes; merge to Microsoft Word for correspondence using custom templates; fax; print reports; email; auto-dial; and manage tasks – for a best-in-class account management software solution for the enterprise user.





STEFANIA VISCUSI TMCnet Assistant Editor for Channels