MSP And PSA Tools: Who Plays Well Together?




Tigerpaw CRM+, a business software system built for SMBs, includes contact management, sales and marketing management, service management and inventory control. The end-to-end solution was designed to better track customers, streamline sales, improve marketing, optimize service and better control inventory. Tigerpaw’s Managed Services Integrator connects managed services functionality with service order and workflow capabilities.


$249 to $2,000 per concurrent user. Customers can purchase a one-time license for CRM+ alone or a Managed Services Integrator package that includes all features of CRM+). It costs $300 per user for Tigerpaw University training for the life of the version, with unlimited support.








ConnectWise PSA


Tigerpaw CRM+







• Kaseya Managed Solution Provider Edition


What it’s supposed to do: No official integration partnership between Tigerpaw and Kaseya.

What MSPs say: “What we’re doing from an integration standpoint is customizing our interface with Tigerpaw and Kaseya to mine the data we need for customer reports. In Tigerpaw, you can track inventory and warranties, so one of the ways we use it is to track, for example, expiring antivirus licenses. Then we can query Kaseya and find out what the client is actually running and if they did the update through the antivirus vendor and installed it or not. … We’re not doing automatic integrations like clients submitting tickets through Kaseya, and that would automatically open tickets in Tigerpaw. But we are doing tremendous integration between the two. It’s just that it’s us customizing that integration.” — Barry Monies, president, Computronix, Stamford, Conn.

• LPI Level Platforms Managed Workplace


What it’s supposed to do: Automatic conversion of Managed Workplace alerts to Tigerpaw trouble tickets.

What MSPs say: “The integration has just started with Tigerpaw and Level Platforms. There’s always been a lot of talk about this, but it hasn’t happened until recently. Because of the casinos [we work with], we still have a large break-fix portion of our business. … So we need an inventory module. Tigerpaw has it, but ConnectWise doesn’t have it. We may eventually migrate to ConnectWise, though, because they’re supposed to be putting in that capability.” — Lester Keizer, president, Connecting Point of Las Vegas

• N-able N-central


What it’s supposed to do: Service tickets in CRM+ are created from N-central notifications.

What MSPs say: “It’s a rudimentary connection, but in time it could be really cool. We know we could make it better. If we had the data dictionaries for both companies, we could really make it work together.” — Dave Winkel, president, Ellegent Systems, O’Fallon, Ill.




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Damon Poeter Writer for ChannelWeb