Case Study – How Utah’s ProTel Networks Struck Service Contract Gold… and Won the West


Tigerpaw Case Study


ProTel Networks


Salt Lake City, UT


John Chase, VP Operations


Case Study: How Utah’s ProTel Networks Struck Service Contract Gold… and Won the West.

Salt Lake City’s ProTel Networks, a telecommunications company with a sizable and growing share of its regional market, has used Tigerpaw to run its operations since 2003. The company sells and services Inter-Tel phone systems, serving more than 5600 small and midsize businesses throughout Utah.

John Chase, ProTel’s vice president of operations, spearheaded the switch to Tigerpaw after toiling through three failed applications in as many years. These unsuccessful stints left ProTel firmly back at square one, with disconnected sales, service, and accounting silos that each required their own system of manual data entry.

Even within those silos, further inconsistency was plaguing the company. “Every salesperson was using a different program,” Chase said.

While many CRM applications claimed to offer integrated modules, he said, it was Tigerpaw that delivered the true integration his organization required. The ability to enter information one time, in one place, “saved us a lot of time and mistakes.” Tigerpaw enabled ProTel to finally manage its complete customer lifecycle – from prospecting all the way through the sales process, ongoing service management, and inventory tracking – and maintain precise, easily accessible information throughout.

Tigerpaw, Chase said, also was geared nicely toward the specific needs of an interconnect company. He could run it virtually right out of the box, with no significant customization needed.

So, after convincing ProTel’s top brass to give business software one more go, Chase brought Tigerpaw on board and handled the implementation himself. After three previous software disasters, he said he knew what was at stake.

“I stuck my neck out,” he said, “but this one worked out, and I became the hero instead of the scapegoat.”

“(Implementation) was very simple. It didn’t take a ‘brainiac.’ Anybody could do it just by reading the instructions,” he said. “I was impressed by the lack of me needing to call (Tigerpaw) tech support.”

The export function from ProTel’s previous software package was extremely limited, which meant a lot of data entry. But the client installs were “flawless,” and Chase had the entire organization digitally united and up and running in the span of a couple of days.

The results were immediately encouraging.


ProTel previously had no reliable way to track its customers’ service contracts. Tracking was strictly manual and many contracts were slipping through the cracks, expiring before the customer could be notified and sold a renewal. The lapse in coverage, Chase said, left customers peeved and much more difficult to sell on a renewal after the fact.

With Tigerpaw in place, “our contract revenue went through the roof,” he said.


By automating the renewal process, ProTel’s contract revenue ballooned eight-fold, from $10,000 to $80,000 per month. That gain alone, Chase said, made for a rapid return on ProTel’s Tigerpaw investment.

Tigerpaw’s serial number tracking capabilities provided similarly quick results, enabling Chase’s staff to easily disqualify products bought elsewhere that some not-so-honest customers had been attempting to pass off as ProTel’s.

Chase points to several other beneficial features, such as readiness for bar-code scanning and auto-purchasing, all of which have made for significant efficiency gains, contributions to the bottom line, and a figurative “extra hour for lunch” company wide.

With the promise of subcontractor support, project management, and a host of other new features in store for Tigerpaw CRM+ version 10, Chase put his order in for the upgrade ahead of its release. When the new version did arrive, he described the migration – like the original implementation – as similarly smooth.

“I called (Tigerpaw) tech support with a few questions because of all the new areas, but I had no trouble doing the conversion,” he said. “It did it itself, really.”

As part of ProTel’s migration to the upgrade, Chase and the rest of the staff took advantage of Tigerpaw’s online CRM+ Training Video Library, stocked with dozens of pre-recorded videos that offer detailed on-screen education on the whole gamut of features and functions.

Subcontractor support in CRM+ has turned out to be a highly effective addition to ProTel’s repertoire, as the company utilizes subcontractors throughout the state and now has the ability to streamline and homogenize those disparate operations.

Chase offered praise for several other new features in Tigerpaw CRM+, including unlimited custom fields, email campaigns, and the Dashboard, which ProTel’s management team especially likes for its 360-degree view of operations. He said he’s anxious to deploy the project management feature next.

Beyond the robust feature-set, Chase said the application’s stability has lived up to its billing: “It’s never been down since the day it was installed. It’s an awesome piece of software.”

As for ProTel, Chase said they’re distancing themselves from the competition in what continues to be a “cutthroat” market; the company enjoyed a record 2005 and became the No. 4 Inter-Tel dealer worldwide.