Tigerpaw Software Sets New Standards with Latest Release


Tigerpaw Software, Inc., a service and account management software provider has released a new version its business automation product, Tigerpaw 10.6.

The new version unlocks features such as EZ Bill, GPS Tracking, and manufacturer’s Quote Import. In addition, version 10.6 also features Personalized Proposals, Quote to Multiple Service Order Wizard, Materials Management, Professional Services Billing, and 2-way managed service integration—for account management software that offers all necessary features.

With these added features, it is possible to more easily bill a customer for technician labor based on predefined labor rates and the added Personalized Proposals feature makes it possible for users can design their own proposal with company’s logo and product graphics.

Other features like Quote to Multiple Service Orders Wizard, creates multiple service orders from a single quote and other features like Assign Items on a Quote to a Location or Project Phrase, make it possible to assign a quote item to a specific job location or project phase.

James Foxall, president at Tigerpaw Software commented in a statement to the press, that the version 10.6 shows Tigerpaw’s commitment to its customers and is the culmination of his company’s successful implementation of SCRUM, a developing methodology that allows his company to create software.

“While we could have waited to release these powerful new features in a full version upgrade, we chose to release them now, free to all our customers under our Total Care support program so that they could achieve even more ROI with Tigerpaw, now,” Foxall said.

Tigerpaw Software offers account management software like CRM+ that provides organizations with a way to automate and track information as well as helps centralize all customer information into one location, so it is easier to access and manage the information.


Among a number of other benefits provided by the latest release of Tigerpaw 10.6 is a Professional Services Billing (PSB) feature which creates a single invoice to bill multiple service orders as well as a Quote Import feature for importing a manufacturer specific quote directly into Tigerpaw.


Anshu Shrivastava Contributing Editor for TMCnet