Sometimes the Sequel Is Better


Tigerpaw Software has released an updated version of its flagship CRM suite. Tigerpaw Business Suite is a group of integrated CRM software modules for contact management, sales management and quoting, tracking customer service, and controlling inventory. Tigerpaw Business Suite 9 Enterprise Edition is the first release of the product that uses Sequel on the back end. Enterprise Edition also includes a variety of new TAPI and CTI functionality that allows for tighter integration with voice over IP phone systems. Version 9 is chock-a-block with new features, including opportunity management, new filter options, customer inventory within the data miner, new security privileges, the ability to create single contract invoices, and the ability to assign a contact to a contract. It is also designed to make it easier to create Web applications to access and update Tigerpaw data, and to search for an account when scheduling from the Calendar.   Ryan Dobb, IT manager at Maryland Telephone, says his company “had been through a lot” before deciding on Tigerpaw, including a homegrown CRM system that was quickly outgrown, and a vertical CRM solution from a telecom company that subsequently went out of business. “We’ve gone through a lot of pain in the past,” Dobb says. “We picked Tigerpaw because it worked out of the package and did everything as promised, which allowed us to integrate inventory, service orders, and accounts. It has saved our accounting people one to two full-time workers.”

He says that upgrading from the previous version of Tigerpaw to the Enterprise Edition was simple and worth it. “Because it’s Sequel-based it can handle more records,” Dobb says. “Being Sequel-based also fits with our enterprise architecture.” Dobb also says the latest version is quicker with multiple users, and after a month of using the beta version says it’s very stable. He began rolling it out to 20 of the company’s 40 workers in May.

Lisa Picarille