Tigerpaw Software to Release its New Enterprise Edition


August 27, 2002- Tigerpaw Software, Inc. announced today that it will transform the current Business Suite 9 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to a Microsoft SQL Server based product. This change is in response to the growing demand of their customer base to have a larger more flexible database. Tigerpaw Business Suite 9 Enterprise, as it will be called, is expected to be released during Q1 of 2003 and will offer increased scalability and security.

“Moving to a SQL Server backend will allow us to provide a more robust, secure, stable, and scalable platform for our client base,” said James Foxall, Vice President of Product Development. “This transformation also allows for Tigerpaw to develop and offer new products that will continue to enhance our customers’ experience.”

“Utilizing SQL Server as our backend will allow us to continue to grow with our current customer base, and provides additional opportunities to expand into other markets,” said Jeffrey Kaldahl, Director of Sales and Marketing.

By switching to a SQL Server backend, Tigerpaw Software will be able to continue to offer a sound CRM solution not only to the small business marketplace, but to the midsize marketplace as well. This migration is also part the product development strategies that will eventually lead to the adoption of Microsoft’s .NET technologies.

Tigerpaw Software is a leader in Customer Relationship Management solutions, with a reputation for providing big-company solutions for the small and midsize business owner.

Tigerpaw’s Business Suite 9 helps businesses plan, execute and evaluate strategies that focus on the quality of personal interactions by helping them acquire and keep more customers through its feature-rich CRM software products and Microsoft Office integration.

For more information contact Jeffrey Kaldahl at 402.592.4544 or jeffreyk@tigerpawsoftware.com