Manage Contacts, Sales, Customer Service and Inventory with Tigerpaw’s Business Suite 8 Integrated Program


Latest version enhances productivity, reduces learning curve

Managers who have ever wondered how to get their sales, customer service and purchasing departments to share information will welcome Tigerpaw Business Suite 8, a group of integrated software modules which support sales contact management and quoting, customer service tracking and inventory control. Business Suite 8 is developed and marketed by Tigerpaw Software, Inc, a leader for over 15 years in sales and customer support automation.

The Business Suite is designed to look and feel like a Microsoft Office product and integrates with the Office suite. Users of Microsoft Office or Outlook will enjoy a decreased learning curve and will see productivity increases immediately.

“Business Suite 8 stands alone in the industry,” said David Foxall, CEO of Tigerpaw Software, Inc.“We are redefining small business solutions by offering the features and seamless integration that were previously reserved for Fortune 1000 companies.

”Tigerpaw Business Suite 8 is designed to enhance productivity by tracking prospects throughout the quoting, sales and post-sale support processes. The Suite integrates four modules: Pursuit for contact management, Quotes for line-item quoting, Service & Repair for customer service tracking, and Parts for inventory control and purchasing.

Each module includes features that make it unique:


The Pursuit module manages business-to-business relations as well as contact relations. It easily manages groups of contacts or accounts, and provides the ability to mail, fax, schedule and e-mail groups. Pursuit enables sales managers to instantly know what tasks need to be completed, what is coming up and what is falling behind – for everyone. Pursuit includes an activity processor for multi-step operations such as sending a letter and scheduling an automatic follow-up call.

The Quotes module enables users to generate professional line-item quotes. After selecting items from the price list or entering them freeform, the sales representative can discount the quote by a percentage, dollar amount, or calculate the selling price based on the desired gross profit margin. Once accepted, the quote can be converted to a sales work order to be filled, or an installation service order. Sales forecasting and sales history analysis reports can be generated by sales rep, customer and product.

Service & Repair provides a comprehensive system to track service orders, contracts and technician schedules. It can be used for any service issue, from telephone support to on-site repair. Unique features include technician time analysis, maintenance contract billing, profitability analysis and customer inventory management.

Parts is a complete inventory control, purchase order tracking and serialized parts monitoring system. Mangers can easily locate and maintain inventory, purchase orders, inventory counts, serialized items and history.

Business Suite 8 includes an easy-to-use Report Manager, as well as over 200 predefined reports developed using Crystal Reports, the most commonly used standard for custom reporting. Accounting interfaces include QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree, Great Plains and Computer Associates, allowing the program to create transaction files for importing into most accounting programs.

A robust scheduling function helps manage schedules for individuals as well as for groups and resources. The calendar offers daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and annual views as well as drag and drop rescheduling.

Managers who have tried to standardize their organizations on Microsoft Outlook but found it fell short of managing their data, will appreciate the ease of learning, ease of use and comprehensive feature set of Tigerpaw’s Business Suite 8.

Training and support includes an extensive user guide, on-line Help with phrase searching, audio/video Cue Cards, and Guided Tours and training scripts using a sample database.